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We at soft touch solutions is a team of professionals who undertakes both overhead and underground tank cleaning services. We use advanced German technology, Read More


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Periodical cleaning of water tanks is of utmost importance as mud,sludge, fungus and bacteria are formed inside the tank over a period of time. This contaminates the water stored in the tank. This water if used possess serious risk to health and cause multiple diseases including skin diseases. Traditionally people hire labourers or plumbers to get their water tank cleaned. The labourer get inside the tank and use broom or brush to rub and clean the tank which is equally unhygenic. The broom or the brush used could be same he has used for cleaning toilets etc. He may be successful in cleaning mud and sludge out of your tank but he will not be able to disinfect the tank.

On the contrary,we use specialised tools and machines to clean your tanks which is not only time saving but also efficient when compared to manual cleaning. The machine pull out the mud and sludge out of your water tank with minimal water wastage. Further, to disinfect your tank we use health friendly FDA approved chemical and UV sterilization which kills the harmful bacteria inside the tank. Thereby ensuring that the tank we handover to you is as good as new and bacteria free.


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