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Water Tank Cleaning

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Water Tank Cleaning

As per Greek philospher Thaks,’’ water is the source of every creation’’. In day to day life one cannot live without water. Therefore water needs to be stored for daily use.Over head water tank and underground water reservoir is the most effective storing facilities used for domestic or even industrial purpose. But for maintaning clean and hygiene friendly water the tanks needs to be cleaned periodically as dirt/mud accumulates at the base of the tank, a dirty tank helps in formation of harmful bacteria and algae thereby contaminating the water stored in it.

This contaminated water if used poses great threat to the health as it give rise to the diseases like cholera,typhoid,dysentery,diarrhoea.

Unclean water for washing can cause skin and infectious eye disease such as Trachoma which can lead to visual impairment or blindness.As per WHO report around 80 percent of the disease are waterborne.We at Soft Touch Solutions are committed to clean yourwater tanks ensuring that you get clean water for a healthy you and your loved ones.

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